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Our most popular services deal with Swiss residency, relocation, employment, business licensing, and property-related paperwork.


Our services typically come in all-inclusive full-service packages, allowing our clients to rely on our know-how on our people expertise and skills. You will not have to be present during any procedure unless the authorities specifically require it.


If you are not sure what papers you need in your situation, please contact us for a free initial consultation. This is especially advisable if you are applying for a business visa or permit because we’ll need to discuss your business plans and activities in order to advise you on the best way forward.

Save time, we take care of everything for you.
  • Keeping your diary up to date

  • Coordinating your appointments

  • Replying to letter

  • Sorting out your mail, filing

  • Checking your bills

  • Preparation of payments, simplified accounting

  • Administrative support and formalities

  • Insurances

  • Health insurance follow-up


Non medical services for seniors or convalescents


We bring you and your family an array of in-house support services. We bring assistance and the expertise to the overwhelmed, the stressed,the convalescent and the elderly or to anyone who just needs a helping hand with any plan, task or deed.


Life Style Services

Our dedicated lifestyle managers represent and manage responsibilities on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the client's best interests are at the heart of every decision we make.


Their primary role is to provide clients with oversight and coordination of every facet of their life, including life management strategies and services to ensure that our clients' lifestyle goals are catered to at all times, exceeding expectations at every turn. 


Our services are designed for business executives, individuals and families.

  • Are you too busy?

  • Is your life hectic?

  • Places to go, people to see but no time?

  • Too much to do?

  • Rushed off your feet?

  • Are you hard pressed for time? 

simplify your life and...


  • Get things done with the minimum of effort and fuss

  • Spend more time with your family and friends

  • Get back your valuable free time

  • Save time, effort and energy in your daily life

  • Have the ultimate helping hand

  • Make only 1 call instead of 10

  • Enhance your productivity at work 

  • Enjoy life knowing you have trustworthy efficient people helping you

  • Have a healthy work-life balance

  • Make your life easier

Home Assistance 

  • Coordination of the maintenance of your home, garden, car

  • During your vacations or absence we look after your home, your animals, take care of your mail and arrange for security guards if requested.

  • For your kids, careful selection of professional nannies or baby sitters on a permanent or temporary basis.

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